Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Larry started the U of F in the fall and Brenda was in his second year while David was a senior at GHS. All three of them had part-time jobs paying their own way through college, which we were proud of. They were all active in the youth program at our church.

That summer Morris, David, Beth and I spent two weeks up in the mountains at Mom and Dad's house. Brenda was at Girl Scout camp and Larry stayed home to work full time.

Mixson's, Yawn's and St. Jacques at Six Flags

In the fall the Yawn family and the St. Jacques and our family went to Six Flags Over Georgia for the weekend. We had a great time together. One weekend Morris and I went to Sarsota by ourselves.

Barbara and Morris at Daytona Beach

  Mother's Day weekend Betty, Billy, Morris and I spent the weekend at Clark's Motel at Daytona Beach. This was the first of many times the four of us would go over for the weekend.

Michael Guinn was born in August to Dixie and Steve.

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