Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Larry built a car and was in the Soap Box Derby. He won some of the races in Gainesville and went Larry in Soap Box Derbyon to the meet in Jacksonville. Morris and I went to Miami and Key West for our vacation. I think the kids stayed with Carole (who was now divorced and lived in the duplex out at the Ranchette) Dixie and Bill were divorced so Dixie and Kristi were living out at the Ranchette too.

Barbara in Miami
Barbara in Miami

September I started work full time at the U of F. in the Department of IFAS in the Business Office. Gladys Shadburn was my supervisor. Morris gave up his 2nd job working for daddy. Agnes Cannady, our next door neighbor took care of Beth for about the first year. Then my friend Mary Mixson took care of her for awhile then she went to a nursery school right down the road from us till she went to Kindergarten. In K and 1st grade her friend Leslie Kattke's mother took care of her after school.

We started going to Westside Baptist Church with Darrel Murray as the pastor. I was teaching the Junior girls in Sunday School which I did for several years. Then when Brenda was about 14 -16 I taught that girls class. For awhile then I taught the Ladies Class.


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