Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

We took Dixie and baby Kristi (born March 15, 1963) along with us on one camp out to Itchatucknee River. Dixie and I took turns "peeing" all night long in a bucket, drinking water and keeping Morris awake. Well, Morris finally got to sleep good and Dixie handed me the thermos jug of water in the dark and she had taken the cap off and I didn't know it. So I tipped the jug up to drink out of the spigot and cold water went all over me and my side of the bed. I was so scared we'd wake up Morris that I took Kristi's baby blanket and put it on the sheet but I was still wet, so I tried to sleep the rest of the night in wet clothes. Morris said he'd never take her again.

We took our vacation again in "our cabin" at Ridgecrest. This time Grandma Mixson wentGrandma Mixson, Larr, David, Morris in North Carolina along. Betty, Billy and kids went too. We all went to Cherokee and took a picnic lunch. That's where David and Timmy fell in the creek and got all wet after we had told them not to play in the creek. We had taken no extra clothes along. We also went to Tweetsie Railroad.

I still worked part-time for daddy with the Book and Bible business. Morris had bleeding ulcers about this time and the doctor said he had to give up his 2nd job. When Kristi was born, Beth couldn't say Kristi so she called her Kissy.


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