Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

I got a promotion and went to the Personnel Division in Tigert Hall. Mr. Chuck Cowles was my supervisor. Here I met Janice Hawley, Jessie Cooper, and Louise McMillan who became my good friends. Betty had started work in the Registrar's Office two years before I started work and she was working the Tigert Hall too, so we got together a lot for lunch. In l966 the Personnel Division moved to The Hub and Mr. Luther Bunn became my boss. I was supervising about seven girls by this time.

The Schwanders in Michigan
Morris with the Schwanders in Michigan
Uncle Fred Linington, Uncle Louis Steffen,Dale Steffen,Sandy's Husband Dick, Bary, Uncle Leo Mecoines, Uncle Jim Seymore, Larry, Uncle Bob & Jack

We went camping at Ft. Clinch with Dot and John Smith and their kids. We took a trip to the mountains then we went on to Michigan. We stayed with Bob And Ellie at their farm house. We had a Schwander family reunion in the city of Wayland park. We went to Lake Michigan with Albert and Grandma Schwander. We also spent the day at Holland, MI. I think it was last year that Grandma Schwander married Albert Smith.[1] I never could remember to call her Grandma Smith, so she still was Grandma Schwander to me.

David and Larry in Holland Michigan
Larry and David

Note: 1. Ruby Schwander married Albert Smith in 1962

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