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Mixson Family 19621962 I was a housewife with four children now. But with Brenda, Larry and David all in school I really devoted a lot of my time to my baby. I remember dressing her up so cute and doing my shopping every Friday. At this time I worked part time for Daddy in his Book and Bible business. He had this at home so mom watched Beth for me while I typed and filled book orders.

Barbara, Morris, Brenda, Larry, David, Cork in NC
Barbara, Morris, Brenda, Larry, David, Cork in North Carolina

 This summer we went on vacation at Ridgecrest, N.C. (in our cabin, as we called it). We took Corky along with us. We went to Ghost Town in the Sky. It was here that Beth lost her pacifier.

Mom and Dad went to Atlanta to be with Dixie who was sick.

Camping in the pop-up

We bought a pop-up camper (part owners with Sue and Jim, but they hardly ever used it.

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