Mixsonian Larry Larry Larry Larry
1961   1962

Grade:              Fourth
Where:             Gainesville, Florida
School:             Littlewood Elementary
Teacher:           Mrs.  Joan Stephens

Wow! what big ears I had!  And that hair cut.  I remember that Dad got a pair of electric clippers and he cut David's and my hair.  One of the worst things I remember about this was that one time Dad was cutting my hair and he got real mad because I didn't sit still.  

I remember that in school we would practice Civil Defense response in which we would all get under our desks and practice marching out into parking lot to spots our assigned color spot to be picked up.  I even wrote a school paper about it. This was when John F. Kennedy was president the cold war with Russia peaked with the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962.

Civil Defence Story Civil Defense Paper - School paper appropriate to the time with the Cold War and the threat of the "Bomb" hanging over us all it was a reality that affected us even in the fourth grade. We even practiced drills in which we would all get under our desks as if thatHiding under desks would save us. I remember riding my bike over to Hank Weaver's house and then going back into the woods where someone was building a giant underground bomb shelter.