Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Remembering by
Barbara Junior Mixson


1952 Betty and I had a great year taking care of babies and having so much fun with them. It was like playing house. We did everything together. It was here that Larry was born on Dec 22.  Mom and Dad were living in Atlanta. I came home from the hospital on Christmas morning and put baby Larry under the tree for a present for Brenda. Morris's parents, Rosalie and Wilbur came up and fixed Christmas dinner for us. She cooked a duck, rice and I don't know what else, but nothing like I was used to having for Christmas dinner. There was no turkey, dressing or mashed potatoes. I was so disappointed in the dinner and not having my family around that I cried all day. This was the first time I hadn't been home for Christmas, but Grandma Mixson was so good to me. She took care of baby Larry, cooked, cleaned and got up with the baby during the night to give him his bottle just so I could get some rest. I really had the blues for awhile.

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