Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Soon after Larry was born they sold that house and we moved into another apartment off East University on about 9th street. We only lived there for a short time. Sue was living in town at that time (Jim was in the Navy) and I took care for Danny for her while she worked. From there we moved back to NE 8th Street in another one of those little 2 bedroom houses (about a block from Betty and Billy). We had good neighbors, Harwell and Latrelle Folsom and we associated with for years after we moved. It was a good time and we still had Betty and Billy as good friends. We still played cards a lot. We went to Atlanta several times a year to see Mom and Dad. When Larry was a year old we went up for Christmas. Sue, Jim and Danny were there too.

About June 1953 they sold that house and we had to move again. This time we rented a two bedroom house out on the Hawthorne Road. Our good neighbors were Donald and Irene Rick. They had 2 boys, Wayne and Sammy. They were the best neighbors. Irene sewed real well and made all of Brenda's dresses, and she had some darling outfits. One especially I remember, a pink winter dress with a pink matching coat. Mom would buy the material and Irene would make the outfits.

Mom and Dad visited us often. I was pregnant when we moved there but I didn't tell Irene for a long time. She was so good to me when she found out because I really had so much to do already caring for two little ones. Irene and Donald took Brenda and Larry to Sunday School with them at Eastside Baptist. Morris and I very seldom went to church during these years. Betty and Billy came over a lot. I had my hands full cleaning house, cooking and washing and ironing. At this time I had an old wringer washing machine out on the back porch. Two tubs of water had to be filled up for the rinsing of the clothes and then they had to hung up outdoors to dry. Then taken down, starched, sprinkled and ironed. This took all of two days sometimes even three. Even all of the baby clothes were ironed.

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