Mixsonian Larry

Trestle Table, Benches and Chair

Soon after moving into to my new house, with my wood working shop set up in the garage I begin to think about projects I’ve been wanting do over the years but never had time to do so.  One such project was to make a dinning room trestle table from a large plank of wood.  When I saw an advertisement on Facebook for large natural edge wood planks, I thought just the thing,  so I texted a reply and and got directions to a man’s home in the close by town of Hawthorne. Upon arriving the man showed me his small sawmill and a fair selection of thick wood planks that he had cut and dried in a solar kiln he had made.  He had several species of local Florida wood, pine, oak and pecan from which I selected a large oak plank and a smaller plank of pecan, and I was on my way to build a trestle table. After completing the trestle table I decided to build a pair of trestle benches to go with it.  After a trip to another small lumber yard I got a very nice plank of cherry and then for legs a trip to the Re-purpose center where I got some old growth, rough 2x4 heart pine boards for the legs. With the benches done I still had a left over piece of the oak board I used for the tabletop which I then used to make a trestle table. 

Click on the photos below to see more about each piece.




Updated: 07-02-2023