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Trestle Chair

Chair back

Oak Plank

Initially the above planks were one large plank of 3 inch thick oak which I cut into two pieces. The piece on the right I made into a trestle table.  At first I didn’t know what to do with the tapered end of the oak plank that I had cut off and it stood in my garage for several months.  The later that year I was at a yoga retreat in Italy where in the retreat center house there was a very cool leaning chair which I used as the inspiration to make a trestel chair out of the remain piece of oak.    

I drew the initial design on paper but after I making a mock up I discovered the seat was much too long and the chair would tip over.
 Chair design

With a shorted seat I made a trial assembly which worked much better.

The left end of the oak plank above.
End piece

Trial assemble of chair on workbench

Final chair on my patio

The couple that bought the table also bought the chair.

Updated: 07-02-2023