I started working with wood at an early age, scrounging wood from around the neighborhood for some project.   As a teenager I made a boat which my brother and I took down to Hogtown creek to explore.  I started building furniture after moving out on my own building a desk, coffee table and a pair of three-foot-high speakers.  I as I got got older my projects became more sophisticated as seen below.   

Coffee Table DesignDesign for a coffee table I built in 1974.
I used it for many years.

Folding Table DesignDesign for a typing table which I built in 1978

TV Cabinet TV Cabinet made in 2009. 
See more. )

Entertainment System Made in 2001

End Tables 2014
From Parts to Finish

End Table Parts End Tables

Porch Swing 2019
Porch Swiing LumberPorch Swing ConstructionPorch Swing

Woodshed  2019


After landscaping my backyard which included a firepit, I needed a woodshed to store wood in so I drew up the rough plans below on the left which I then built the wood shed in the photo.  The following year, my next door neighbor put in a patio very silimar to mine, also with a firepit, and then he asked me if I could make a wood shed for him.  I told him, no I would not build it for him, but would help him build one.  He agreed and I made up the more exact plans on the right below and then I helped him build his shed.

Woodshed plans version 1

Woodshed V2

Made from cherry flooring that I got from my brother-in-law.


Trestle Table, Benches and Chair
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Trestle Table

Patio Chairs
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Patio Chairs