Mixsonian Yoga

First Teaching Experience

            Well I taught my first class this past Thursday.  I think it went fairly well.  I was a bit nervous about it the couple of days before but when I arrived prior to everyone getting there and taking  my position at the front of the class I wasn’t nervous at all, it seem sort of natural.  The Health Works woman said the students had been taking for a while so I planned a class from the fourth and fifth weeks of the Level 1 syllabus.  There were about nine or ten in the class (two men).

I wasn’t sure how the timing would go so I also had a couple of extra poses ready in case.  After the opening focus I had various seated shoulder stretches.  I wasn’t sure they had Sun Salute so I then planned several Sun Salute “preps”, lung, plank, cobra, cat & dog tilts and dog pose.  I asked about Sun Salute and most of them did say they had done it before so I’ll start with that next class.  I then moved to standing poses, Air Chair, Proud Warrior, Side Angle.  At this time I looked at the clock and found I still had about 35 minutes to go.  I thought I was going slowly, giving explanation of the basic alignment and principles but even so I didn’t expect it to move so fast.  So I put in Side Angle, Triangle and Tree pose followed by Extended leg stretch and then finishing with Lying Leg stretch and then final relaxation.  Even with a eight minute final relaxation I was 10 minutes early! 

Afterwards two of the clearly more advanced women stayed to talk to me.  They both had had some exposure to Anusara Yoga and they both said they thought I did a good job, that I gave more explanation about alignment then their regular teacher and they enjoyed the class.  That made me really feel good.  I also got a wonderful feeling the first five minutes or so, to be in the front of the class, to be the “teacher” my eyes got all watery.  I also found that for hours after I got home afterwards I was very excited about the how experience.

I would be interested any suggestions or advice about timing and how to pace the class.  I also would like to thank you very much for recommending me for this opportunity. 

Larry July 7, 2002