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Thanksgiving At Gary's Farm
Thanksgiving at Gary's Farm 2002
Front Row: Gary Junior, Kelly Junior, Katie Woodruff, Tom Stallworth, Brenda Mixson Stallworth, Justin Junior, Daniel Mixson, Jr., Kristopher Stallworth

 Second Row: Diane Junior, Coral Stallworth, Barbara Junior Mixson, Connie Junior, Sara Junior, Krystle Junior, Venessa Mixson, Judy Mixson, Beth Mixson Woodruff, Sue Junior Mixson, Jim Mixson, Joshua Junior

Back Row: David Mixson, Morris Mixson, Larry Mixson, Cork Junior, Andrew Stallworth, Zachary Woodruff, Dan Mixson, Mark Woodruff, Jeremy Stallworth, Kristopher Junior

HAYC Certifcate
In October of 2002 I finished the Health Advantage Yoga Center's Teacher training program.

Advanced Teacher Training at Inner Harmony
First Yoga Teaching Experience