Mixsonian Larry
 1993 1994 1995 

Cherry Blossoms at Tidal Basen
Once again in the spring we went down to the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms, always beautiful.

Larry and Julie at Niagara FallsIn the summer, Julie go to Niagara Falls. The view of the falls were spectacular .  We stayed at a BB downstream from the falls where the sunsets were beautiful.

Family Reunion at uncle Gary'sOn Labor Day we had a family reunion at my uncle Gary Junior's house in Gainesville.
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TuteOur cat Tute enjoyed laying on the deck. (no he's not dead)

Larry and Julie at Dumbarton OaksIn the summer Julie and I went to Dumbarton Oaks gardens in Washington DC.  Here we sit under one of their arbors. 

Fishpond I made a 10 foot fish pond with water fall at Julie's parents house in Rehoboth Beach.

SkingIn the winter, Julie and I went to a ski resort in West Virgina where I tried sking for the first time.  Growing up in Florida it wasn't something we did.  After an hour lesson on cross country skying and off we went.  The snow was light and spotty in some places.  What I remember the most was coming to a down hill with a turn at the bottom.  I could stop, missed the turn and went sliding way out into the field.