Mixsonian Larry Morris Wilbur James

Mixson, Feaster Reunion
At the Old Feaster House

The photo below was taken at the Mixson/Feaster family reunion in 1937.  It includes my dad and my grandfather Wilbur, my grandmother Rosalie and many of my aunts and uncles.  The gathering at the old Feaster house still takes place most every year in front of the old tree.  I remember going many a time when I was a child and going into to the old house which was eventually torn down.  Feaster/Mixson gatherings at still held there every year. 

Larry 2010  

Mixson Reunion 1937

1st row left to right
1. James Darlington (Jimmy) Mixson
(922) , 2. Wendell Turner (6834), Arnold Mixson (919), Morris Mixson (918), Harold Fedrick (Fred) Feaster (11064), James Otis Feaster, Jr. (11063), Lawrence Richard Feaster (11062), Carol Joyce, Mary Lucille Filmer, Gladys Lynette Feaster (11034), Wesley Dixon (11050), John Alvin Dixon (11051), Marion Feaster, Jacob Lynn (JL) Feaster (11025), Betty Dixon Yawn (836b)

2nd row left to right
Maxie Mixson
(846), Lois Mixson Marsh (845), Bessie Mixson Turner (844), Charles Benjamin Mixson (843), Wilbur Mixson (843), Alice Mixson Bell (841), Henry Walkup Mixson (840), Job Mixson (839), Julia Estelle Mixson Gladney (838), Annelle Sikes, Hattie Viola Mixson Ratteree (837), Mary Telula (Lula) Mixson Feaster (836) (holding baby Charles H. Filner), James Gilbert Mixson (835)

3rd row left to right
Lottie Viola Skykes, Iva Mae Mixson
(w922), Charles Claude Mixson (920), Mabel Bell Mixson (w843), Clifford Mixson (921), Adrian Mixson (916), Rosalie Anderson Mixson (w842), Claude Bell, Elizabeth (Berta) Boulware Mixson (w840), Sara Mae Mixson (w839), John (Hal) Harvey Gladney, Robert Palmer Ratteree, Jacob (Jake) Feaster, Elizabeth Feaster Dixon (11026) (holding baby Anita Dixon), Onnie Lee Smoke Mixson (holding baby Andrew Laverne Anderson), Amber Lee Mixson Anderson (906).

4th row left to right
Ollie Glen Feaster
(11028) (holding Ollie Glen Feaster, Jr.), Claire Feaster (w836d), Vera Feaster (w836c), James Otis Feaster (11027), Gladys Feaster (w836a), Jacob Lynn Feaster (836a), Royce Mixson (911), Mary Alice Mixson, Lula Mae Filmer (836e) holding Charles Filmer, Ercel Mixson (912), Aurice Mixson (913), Ralph Mixson (915), Harvey Gladney (h838) , Julie Gladney Hudson, Elmer Hudson, Agnes Drusilla Feaster (1031), Mary Telua Mixson Feaster (836), James Clark Mixson (909), Andres Anderson.

See story The Old Home Place by Nadine Dixon

Mixson, Feaster 2018
10 Survivors from the 1937 picture in 2018
Betty Dixon Yawn, Morris Mixson, Jimmy Mixson, J. L. Feaster, Wesley Dixon
Glen Feaster, John Alvin Dixon (died later that year)
Charles Filmer, Richard Feaster, Anita Dixon Beck