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On April 17, 1837, the Republic of Texas awarded the heirs of Claiborne D. Mixon a certificate for 640 acres of land, which stated he was killed at the Battle of Goliad while serving under Col. Fannin. (Reverse side of this certificate bears name of Chas. D. Mixon, patented Sept. 29, 1841).

In the December, 1967 issue of the Southern Living Magazine is an article, "Missions Imperishable", by John Logue: "Three weeks after the Battle of the Alamo, Col. Fannin, at first refused to retreat from LaBahia, was caught with his350 men on an open plain between Goliad and Victoria. He surrendered March 20, 1836. One week later (Palm Sunday), Fannin's soldiers were marched out a short distance from LaBahia and shot Mar 27, 1836. He was permitted the honor, as Commander, of being shot alone.  Bur. Presidio la Bahia, Goliad, TX.  See Men of Goliad

Or April 1 l, 1838, another certificate "To the heirs of C.D. Mixon, having served faithfully from Dec. 2, 1835 to Mar. 27, 1836 are entitled to 1920 acres of land."

On Sep 29, 1846, another certificate "To the heirs of Clairbore D. Mixon, 640 Acrees, Austin District, Waller Caounty TX”

3391 Samuel B. Mixon – Son



On March 26, 1846, S. B. Mixon as "Administrator and only heir of Claiborne D. Mixon" sold the certificate to Joseph Harrell.

On April 9, 1838, Samuel B. Mixon was given a certificate by the Republic of Texas to 1280 acres of bounty land, "He having served faithfully and honorably for four months, Jan. 28, 1837 to May 27, 1837, resigning his Commission in the Army." (This certificate was sold by him, Mar. 26, 1846 to John J. Sims (or Lewis?).

Possibly 1850 Census, Victoria, Victoria, TX age 40 Samuel B Mixon

There are no further records of Samuel B. Mixon, unless it was he, age 42, wife Edy,30, both b. in SC shown in Monroe County, AL, census of 1850 with no children.


Reuben Mixson, s. of John Mixson Sr. (700?) of Barnwell District, SC, listed next door to Abraham Mixson in 1790 census; 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16, 4 females.

In 1800 lie is in Beaufort District with 1 male over 45, 1 male 16-26, 1 female 1016, and I female over 45. He is not shown in the 1810 census, apparently he had died or moved away.

Two young married couples with small children are shown next door to him in the 1800 census - Michael Mixson and John Mixson.

In 1810, Michael, Reuben (Jr) and William are shown next door to each other.

In October, 1796, Reuben Mixson and Elizabeth Mixson, witnessed a deed from John Mixson, Sr. to his son, John Mixson, Jr. John Mixson, Sr. died intestate in 1809 and John Mixson, Jr. was appointed administrator. The personal estate was sold in 1810. John Mixson, Jr. bought two of the four negro slaves, Reuben Mixson bought one slave, and Tarlton T. Best bought the other. The widow, Mabel Mixson, bought most of the livestock and some other items.

In 1801, Reuben Mixson received a land grant in Beaufort District to 266 acres of land, and in 1802, he received another grant for 805 acres, located on Whippy Swamp Branch, Salkahatchee River. Court records for Beaufort County showing any administration or sales of these lands are not available.

In the 1820 census of Beaufort District, one William Mixson is in St. Peter's Parish, and another William Mixson is listed in Prince Williams Parish, along with Reuben Mixson (Jr) and Robert Mixson.


1790 Orangeburg, SC, Rueben Mixon, males: under 16:2, 16 and over:2, females:4, members of household:8

1800 Prince Williams, Beaufort, SC, Reuben Mixon, males: 16-25:1, 45 and over:1; females: 10-15:1, 45 and over:1


21842 Reuben Mixon, Jr.

Census: 1810 Barnwell, Barnwell, SC, Reuben Mixon, males: under 10:2, 16-25:1; females: under 10:1, 16-25:1

1820 Prince Williams Parish, Beaufort, SC, Reuben Mixon, males: under 10:1, 10-15:2, 26-44:1, females: under 10:3, 26-44:1

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