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Mt. LeConted Expenses

After months of planning, in September Mom, Dad, Gary and Diane drove up to Tennessee and hiked up Mount LeConte to see David.   Mom wrote in her memoirs,

In September Gary, Dianne, Morris and I climbed Mt. LaConte (we took the shortest trail 5 plus miles) to see David. What a trip. I really thought I would never make it. It rained on us and I couldn't see and my back pack was so heavy that Gary felt sorry for me and helped me with it. (Of course, the thing that made it so heavy was the water jug I had hidden in it.) But it was an interesting trip but I'd never do it again.

Mom kept an expense log of for the trip.  They spent a total of $248.92 which included the $43 Mount LeConte lodge fee and leaving the staff a $10 tip.  Oh, it also $14.00 for a hat that Mom bought.  Shared expenses were split with Gary and Diane with Mom figuring her and Dad owed Gary $5.15.   They traveled 194 miles, spending $119.48 on gas getting 11 miles per gallon.

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Updated: 06-04-2023

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