Mixsonian Larry

Lake Weir

In August of 1980 we had a family reunion on Lake Weir which was a memorable moment in several ways. We all gathered on the south shore of Lake Weir which held special memories for Mom, Dad and the Junior family for directly across the lake on the north shore was where Grandpa Junior had his roadside stand and house where Mom spent her high school years attending Weirsdale High School.  On that opposite shore was similar dock which Mom and Dad would sit on in the evenings and where Morris first kissed Barbara.  It was at that home on the other shore that Mom’s sister Sue and Dad’s first cousin got married.  One of things I remembered most about the gathering was that we cooked oysters on a piece of tin placed over an open fire.  When the oysters started steaming they would pop open and be ready to eat.  Boy were they good on a saltine cracker and a bit of tabasco sauce although I ate to many of them and woke up in the middle of the night and had to have some Alka Seltzer as a result.  We gathered there, the Juniors and the Mixson’s that summer for family, friendship, love and memories of the past, Deeply Rooted memories.

The family on the dock on Lake Weir
Barbara, Jimmy, Morris, Sue at Lake Weir. Dock is in the background
Brenda and Tom soaking up the sun on the dock
The family on the dock on Lake Weir
Dad with with neice Vandy
Uncle Gary with Brenda and baby Jeremy
Kristopher enjoying the lake
Uncle Dick making a movie
Me and Dad enjoying a moment

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