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Working at Harris

After the architect team finished the design of the of the new Harris word processing system, each of the team members became team leaders of a team to implement the part of the system that they designed.   For my team writing the software for the formatting and display part I had three computer programmers on my team.   After being sequestered for the previous two months with the architect team, we returned to the brand-new building with a sea of cubicles that Harris had built and I was assigned to a double cubicle which I shared with a woman named Susan who was on the Quality Assurance (QA) team.   Susan was a couple years younger than me, was quite attractive, intelligent and I was quite attracted to her, but she was married, and I made a point not to get involved with married women.  She told me some about her marriage, they were high school sweethearts and got married right after they graduated from high school but after being married four or five years she was getting disillusioned with her husband who see to not have much motivation to improve himself or his work which was an auto mechanic.   Susan on the other hand was highly motivated and had been to college and had great ambitions.

Several cubicles down the aisle from me was another cubicle which was shared by a programmer my age named Alan and a woman named Julie who also on the QA team.  I found Julie to be very attractive, a few years younger than me, petite with long blond hair down to her waist.   I remember when she walked down the aisle and I would look out into the aisle and watch her go by.  The QA group and was responsible for testing of the software we were developing so I had been in a couple of meetings with the QA group and knew who Julie was but had seldom spoken to her.

Updated: 05-10-2023

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