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Over the summer I continued scuba diving with one of the more interesting ones on the Fourth of July when I went diving for lobster with a friend of mine from work who had his own boat.  We went out from Sebastian Inlet to the reefs that were supposed to be 10-12 miles offshore but he was unable to find the reef due to there being three to four foot swells which made it had to find on his depth finder due to the reef only being two to three feet high.  The swells also made me quite seasick but once I got into the water I was fine.  Because we couldn’t find the reef so we just did a short drift dive.  I wrote in my dive log, “Sand bottom with many scallop shells, groups of sea enemies like fingers along the bottom, many 2ft diameter jellyfish moving sideways against the current. Saw nurse shark which gave me a scare.”  The jellyfish were an amazing sight, we were in about 50 feet of clear water with the jellyfish suspended all around me about 10 or more feet apart giving plenty of room to avoid them as they slowly swelled their translucent bodies with water then squeezed it out moving them against the current.

Updated: 05-10-2023

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