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Journal Entry

Come April of ’79 I had not heard from Elizabeth for over a year, and I wrote in my Journal…

April 1979
Leaving You  

Forget me Elizabeth,
For I am nothing,
I have nothing to say.
Please don’t call me,
For I won’t call you,
I have nothing more to say.
You have gone your way,
I have gone my way,
Is there any more to say?
Good bye Elizabeth,
Good bye I say.
You have gone your way,
I have gone my way
I have nothing more to say.

Space Shuttle

Enterprise Space ShuttleIn April the space shuttle Enterprise was flown to the Kennedy Space Center on top of a Boeing 747 airplane.  It was announced in advance when it would be arriving, so I drove up to Titusville and again found a spot on the causeway to the space center and watched it come in.  It was quite impressive to see it atop the 747.   The next day they allowed people to enter the space center and see the Enterprise up close and I went to see it.

Enterprise Space Shuttle

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