Mixsonian Rosalie and Wilbur

Running Water

In 1930, now with three children at home, Rosalie told Wilbur she just didn’t have the time to take the wagon to her parents’ house to get water.  Wilbur in is quiet way said he would do something about it and the following week put in a pipe well.  Above the well he built a tower with a windmill at the top which would pump water into a barrel then from the barrel through a pipe into the house.  Rosalie was so happy to have a sink in the kitchen with running water even if it was only cold, what a time saver and convenience it was.  Wilbur also ran a pipe out to the garden with a spicket at the end, so they no longer had to use buckets to water the vegetables.  

Even with running water in the house, the old rain barrel stood one corner of the back porch under the rain gutter with an old tin dipper hanging on a nail above.  Coming in from working in the garden or other farm chores, a dipper full of the rain water poured over your head felt real good.  After a storm the fresh rainwater dipped out of the barrel with the tin dipper tasted sweeter than any water from the faucet.

From grandma’s old times

 We spent the week with Bessie once when the boys were small, Mr. Turner, Bessie’s husband was alive then. Wendell, Bessie ‘s only son, and Morris were just 10 months difference in their ages, and Arnold was three years younger. They played in the stream of water near their house and were real good boys. When we left Mr. Turner told me had never seen nicer children and quite enjoyed having us.

Updated: 11-15-2022

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