Mixsonian Larry

Winter Solstice
December 21st, 2020


Winter Solstice Birthday Dream
Twas the night of the winter solstice, and all through the house
The only creatures stirring was the cat chasing a mouse.
It was the conjunction, Sun, Moon, Stars,
Saturn, Jupiter, Earth and Mars
As I nestled, snuggled in my bed,
visions of my birthday played in my head.
The cat paused in its chase,
And settled in her bed with grace.
Out window I took one last glance
in the moon’s light, I fell into sleep like trance.
A mist formed in the state I entered
into to the dream I ventured.
Scenes appeared to me in a foggy mist
Giving me the feeling of something I missed.
A vision of the past, a vision to behold,
A vision foretold.
Awaking with a start,
From my body I felt apart,
As I looked down
My body below me, I look around.
Mother, father, sister, brother
I see one then the other,
Memories of the past,
Memories I hold to steadfast.

Larry Mixson. December 21st 2020