Mixsonian Larry

Rosalie's Diary

June 6, 1987fiddle
I just got to thinking about my Grandfather Belew and Wilbur Mixson. I never knew Grandpa Belew but I know he made chars, rockers and straight chairs. He made some for my father-in-law Jim Mixson and I have one still.    He made them to sell and probly did very well. Now Wilbur could make anything or repair anything, from shoes to gun stocks and saddles, was a good carpenter, a good farmer, his crops was always clean.  He made a fiddle, turkey calls and us a dinning table out of ceder he made boats for us and a duck boat for Elbert Zetrouser. He loved to fish but only when there wasn't' any other work to be done. When we were first married he trapped for possums and coons also skunks, the fur brought good money then so it helped out. He also worked for the other farmers when he could, to earn money.

July 4, 1987
Four years ago I had my right eye operated on. I have inter-lokies lense now on the 11th of June I had another lense in my left eye. I am writing this without glasses in about 2 more weeks I hope to get glasses. Thursday Morris and I went to Jacksonville (July 1st) he to rent a camper and I to see Andrew. Andrew seemed to be as well as a one could expect. He would forget a lot of things but could remember things that had passed years ago.

July 9, 1987
It's a hot and rains nearly every day which cools things off! The garden is "layed-by" had a lot of corn but not too good as we didn't have rain when we needed it. The tomatoes did very well but not as good as 1986, we had really large tomatoes, I carried some over to the P.O. and had them weighed, they weighed 1 lb and ther were some larger!

Morris hoeing the garden in spring

July 14
Still haven't got my glasses and still can't see too well. My eye sight seems sorta fuzzy.

In 1915 Papa came home from McIntosh where he'd been shopping (took eggs to sell) and an od man was with him his name was Danial T Smith (after we got to know him, we called him "Picture taking" Smith) his hair was a sandy red and in long braids. Mama had supper ready and he stayed for supper and spent the night. He ate slow and mixed all his food up together. He was a strange looking man and he talked strange, he said he use to live in Ky. and had race horses. He said he'd been married once but on night his wife ask him to get a drink of water for their child so he went out the door and never came back. He took pictures of everone for food and meals and a place to sleep.

Ed Hogan
Ed was the slowest speaking person I ever have seen. First time I ever saw him, he was on horse back and was talking to Mama as she hoed in the garden and I thought he was already gone, when he finely answered something that Mama and he and been talking about. After Wilbur and I were married Ed would come and stay with us weeks at a time. He was good to get water and cut wood for the stove and fire place, that was before the boys were big enough to get wood. He helped with breaking corn or anything we were doing, cutting wood for firewood or fixing fences. He would stay for several weeks than one day he would dissapear and we wouldn't know where Ed was then someone would tell us Ed was at Ben Simmons or Gilberts Mixsons. Once he told me he was going hunting and he never came back to our house for three months. He was at Ben Simmons. They said he always did that even when he was a boy, he would take off and go over to uncle Jims (Wilburs Dad) Ed & Wilbur were first cousins, Mr. Jim Mixson was his brothers brother.

Sept. 19, 1988
This month has bee a long one for me. First it was so dry then we had a rain, the lake was low but now has plenty of water. The water poured like out of a bucket, but we or most of us were glad to see rain. Then a huricane went up the Gulf coast and into Mexico with winds 130 miles an hour which did a lot of damage and into Texas too but not like Mexico. Sunday night about 10:00 oclock Amber Lee called me to tell me Andrew had passed away but they hadn't mad any plans then and would call me back. I was ready for church so I went and when I got home at 6:00 Morris called and said Sandra had called him and told him about the funeral which will be Wed. at 2:00 oclock.

Bill said he couldn't go as Toby was in Tallahassee and he wasn't going to call Wilma to come a 100 miles up here and then to Jacksonville. So he couldn't go. Barbara has to have her heart monatere and we don't know what they will do. Yet we all went to the funeral Morris & Barbara, Arnold, Bill, Toby, Adrian, James & Wayne, Wendel.

July 21, 1987
It seems I can see and feel change in the weather. We are having afternoon rains with lightening, but very hot until the afternoons. The grass and weeds are very lush. In the garden the grass is waist high. The yard grass grows so fast, before it is time to cut it in two weeks it is already to cut. Candy (Gandy) has been catching young quail and rats too: She finds it hard to find a dry spot to sleep at night so in the mornings I find her on the front. The daylilly that were set out last fall are blooming, they are about knee high. I was so happy to see them blooming.