Mixsonian Larry

Rosalie Anderson Mixson Diary
When We Were Young

Dottie Mixson & Rosalie
Eastern Star - Masons
March 1981

When Adrian was born, Id sit while nursing him and think I am not ready to be a mother! I am just a girl. We moved into Job's house when Adrian was six weeks old. As I've already said it was a dark dreay place with big oaks that shaded the front porch. It had 2 bed rooms a fire place in one. Shed rooms on the side to make a dining room and kitchen. Adrian had colic only when he was six months old and cried a lot. Only when I had him in his arms he didn't cry. O how tired I was all the time. I weighed 110 lbs. There was a lot of washing diapers, cooking, feeding the chickens and a lot of times feed the horse. Wilbur planted corn & peanuts. In the fall we put the hogs on peanuts and he broke the corn and we shelled it to sell. While he broke a load I would shell it out on the corn sheller (we borred from his Dad.) I did this while Adrian slept, it was rush, rush while I did work before the baby woke up. Finely the stopped crying and was such a good little boy. 2 years after Adrian was born we had a sweet baby girl. When she was 9 months old we moved to our own home and lived there 40 years. It was unfinished inside, you see thru the cracks. For heat, we used the kitchen stove. The windows were wooden shutters. Ever year we did something to make things better, first we had glass windows. For seven years we hauled water from Papas. Wilbur would put the barrels on the wagon and I would haul the water, taking both children with me. (Myrtice died in 1928 when Morris was 1 year old) I am now 82 years old and I must admit I feel old sometimes, all my body hurts at times. I am slower getting up out of a chair and can't walk as far as I once did. I have kept busy going to church, AARP, Eastern Star and American Veterans Womans Auxiliary and visiting my children. They are all wonderful.