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January 18, Morris and I went to Jacksonville to see Marian Stallworth who had a hip operation on Jan. 7. Tom was there to help his mother when she came home from the hospital. This was the last time we saw her alive as she died in her sleep on Jan. 25. She was 85 years old. January 26, Tom, Brenda and the boys flew home for her funeral. The boys stayed with us for a few days so Brenda and Tom could attend to her business.

Jan. 20-24 we took Grandma Mixson camping with us at Ft. DeSota State Park in St. Petersburg. On the way home we stopped and spent the night with Wendall and Jean in Wachula. Feb. 10, Mom came and spent ten days at our house after being at Carole's for a week. Feb. 12-15 we took care of Zack, Coral and Katie while Beth and Mark went to Miami for his brother's wedding Feb. 22- March 1 we went camping at Anastasia Park in St. Augustine. While we were there we painted the inside and did some repairs on the wood work on the condo. We also had new carpet installed as Brenda and Tom decided to put it up for sale.

March 15 Betty, Billy, Morris and I rode the bus to Tallahassee for Alachua County Legislature Day. We watched the House in session and they gave us a chili luncheon. We toured the capitol and the Governor's mansion. At home we painted the LR, hall, Beth's bedroom and the inside of three closets. What a job. We took mom to Zephyrhills for 3 days to see Bob, Ellie, Marie, Jim, Helen, Fred and Aunt Betty. Morris and I went camping to St. George's State Park but had to go home after 3 days as Morris got sick.

In April Betty and Billy bought a 27 foot Winnebago motor home. We went camping at Anastasia Park and one day Betty and Billy surprised us and came over in their new rig. One day we had 14 from our SS class over for an all day picnic. In May the seniors from our church had our second annual all day picnic at Poe Springs. May 27-June 1 Betty, Billy, Morris and I went camping again at Anastasia Park. Beth, Mark and the kids came over and spent one day with us. Tim, Mary and the their children came for 2 days, and Doug and Louise Turner from JAX came over and spent one day.

June 2, Coral got the chicken pox. June 5-10 Zack went to Washington D.C. with the fifth grade patrol. June 7, Brenda and Tom and boys came to Florida where they spent most of their time in Jax getting Marian's house ready to sell. They had an estate sale on most of her household goods. We took Kristopher, Jeremy and Andrew camping at Manatee State Park. David came over for a couple of days. The boys enjoy having David around and he's so good doing things with them. June 17 we spent all day canning tomatoes from our garden.

Larry, Barbara, MorrisLarry with Mom and Dad

June 23-July 8 we went camping for our vacation. We spent 12 nights at Hiawassee, GA where on Sunday at church we met my old high school friends, Joyce and Wyndall Skipper. We spent the rest of Sunday with them and then another whole day. They were camping about 30 miles from us. Another day we spent with Eleanor and Gene Hamilton (Chuck Hugh's mother and stepfather) old friends of ours from Westside B. Church and who now live in Hiawassee. We camped from Mt. Pisgah thru the Skyline Drive to Reston, VA., where we visited Larry and Julie for a few days.

On the way home we camped at Stone Mt. Park in Atlanta, GA. and visited with my old friends from Murphy High School, Shirley and Fay. It sure was good to see them. They and their husbands took us out to eat and we enjoyed reminiscencing. We traveled 2,470 miles and spent $1,350.

August 14, Morris's aunt Amber Lee Anderson from Jax died and we went to her funeral. August 25 we went to Melbourne to bring mom home as she had been visiting Sue for three weeks. September and Katie started Kindergarten at Littlewood school and Coral started first grade. She and Justin Junior were in the same class Christopher was in Kindergarten and Crystle was in the 3rd grade. Zack was in the 6th grade at Westwood school. Beth drove up every day from Orange Lake just so the kids could go to Gainesville schools.

We had our annual family reunion and Mom was 81 and Coral was 7. September 24, we bought a new white, Chevrolet Caprice car. I just loved it. We gave the Pontiac to Beth and Mark. September 9-13 Betty, Billy Morris and I went to Louisville, Kentucky to see the Gators play. It was a good trip. October 15 we went camping at Cedar Key for the fall seafood festival.

October 25 Jennifer started to take care of Mom, Monday through Fridays. She is from Cross City. After Christmas she started to spend the nights with mom too as it was so far for her to drive home every night and then back in the mornings. This worked out real well. She was a God send. October 26 Grandma Mixson was 92 years old and was doing great. She still rode the bus every day some 20 miles to eat lunch with the senior citizens, went to Tuesday morning Bible study, went to SS and church every Sunday, then out to eat in Ocala with her good friend Sparky. Morris and Arnold still went out every Saturday and to take her out for breakfast, which she just loved. She is truly remarkable.

October 28 our SS class went to Doug and Louise's home in Jax for our annual covered dish luncheon. October 30, Betty, Billy, Evelyn, John, Morris and I went to Jax in our motor home for the FL-GA game. It rained all day and so hard that John, Evelyn and I stayed in the motor home and watched it on TV.

November 12-15 Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to Columbia, S.C. in our new car to see the Gators play. The fall leaves were just beautiful and we had a great trip. For Thanksgiving Mom stayed with us for four days. We had Dixie, Kristi, Joe Frank and boys, David, Beth, Mark and kids and Grandma Mixson for dinner. December 6 my good friend at church and WMU, Lizelle Rose died. She was 83 years old.

TicketDecember 17, I went to the Physics Department's annual Christmas party. I hadn't been back to see anyone there for over two years, so it was great seeing all of my old friends. Morris went over to the party at Chemistry. December 18, David, Beth and kids came over for dinner and then we went to see "A Walk through Bethlehem" put on by the Fellowship Baptist Church in High Springs. This was the second time we'd had gone to see it. It is so good.

We ate Christmas dinner at Gary and Dianne's home. Corky and Connie had to go to Virginia as Connie's brother died Dec. 22 after a long battle with cancer. We ended another year at our annual New Year eve's party at Libby and Ernie's home.

This is the last entry in my Mothers original "Remembering" journal. 
                                                       Larry Mixson


Note: Barbara wrote the above in 1994 based on the her diary from 1993.

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