Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

Brenda and Tom were in Linz, Austria when Andrew Mixson Stallworth was born on March 20.

March 1, Betty, Billy, Morris and I took David to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to the beginning of the trail to Mt. LaConte where he had a job for the season. It snowed so much when we got there and the highway was covered with so much snow we had to stop and let him out before we got to the trail head. I almost cried I was so worried about him going off all by himself. We didn't hear from him for weeks and I finally called the lodge office and the secretary told me they had radio contact with the lodge and he was OK and that they had just baked him a birthday cake. He soon wrote us and told how they had been snowed in for a month.

Beth finished Santa Fe and received a certificate in the Zoo program. April 18 Beth and Mark got married at Westside B. Church. Victor Nickerson married them. May 1st they left for Lacy, Washington where Mark's sister and her husband lived. Mark had been living out there and he wanted to go back. He had a job diving for "gooey ducks", a great big clam. They drove a pickup camper that Marks' dad gave them and they took along their Dalmation puppy called Bugeler. They went through California and had a great going out there.

May 1st Morris and I left Gainesville to visit Brenda and Tom and to see our newest grandson, Andrew in Austria. I was so excited, my first trip to Europe. It was so good see Kristopher and I was so impressed how well he could speak German. We took him on a boat trip down the Blue Danube with us. We were going to Vienna, then Tom was going to drive over and pick us up the next day. Well, we got along fine with him interpreting for us and he was only 4 years old. While we were there we took trips to Germany, Switzerland, Vienna, Salzburg and spent 5 days at a missionary conference at Bad Ischl in an old lovely hotel that served us three meals a day. I loved the German cooking and when it was time to go home I didn't want to go.

May 19 Joshua Junior was born. In September Gary, Dianne, Morris and I climbed Mt. LaConte (we took the shortest trail 5 plus miles) to see David. What a trip. I really thought I would never make it. It rained on us and I couldn't see and my back pack was so heavy that Gary felt sorry for me and helped me with it. (Of course, the thing that made it so heavy was the water jug I had hidden in it.) But it was an interesting trip but I'd never do it again.

November 6 Larry and Julie Porter got married at Gary and Dianne's home in Gainesville. Larry adopted Julie's daughter, Anne, who was ten years old. They had a beautiful reception at the club house at the Forest of the Unicorn where mom lived. We got to meet Julie's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Yenni from Delaware who came down for the wedding.

In October we had been to the football game in Alburn, Alabama and arrived home late Sunday night. We had driven our van. When we got home from work Monday night it was gone. I called Betty and she said it wasn't there Monday morning when she went by. Sometime late Sunday night someone had stolen it. The police called about 7 or 8 years later and said they found it out west somewhere. The insurance settled with us and we bought a small TransVan.

In July Gary Crawford became our pastor at Westside. In December David went to Austria to visit Brenda and Tom. He stayed for three months back packing and hiking all over Europe, Paris, Rome, Greece, Switzerland and Austria. He spent Christmas with Brenda and Tom. He got home the end of Feb. l982 and went back to Mt. LeConte the first of March.

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