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Mixsonian Larry Barbara Waive Ruby

In January Brenda, Tom, Kristopher and Jeremy went to Callaway Gardens in Georgia to orientation for new missionaries for one month. We visited them one very cold weekend. In the middle of May they left for Germany where they spent the first six months going to language school to learn the German language. Kristopher was three and half years old and Jeremy was ten months old. At the end of language school they moved to Linz, Austria where Tom worked as Youth Minister at the only Baptist church there.

In April before Brenda and Tom left the family gathered together at Lake Weir for a vacation. We each rented our own cabin. Beth was dating Mark. It was loads of fun. Gary and Dianne, Sue and Jim, Carol and Dick and all of their girls and their boyfriends, Corky and Connie and mom were all there. We played cards till late and just had a good time.

May 1st. Brenda and Tom took David to Springer Mountain, Georgia, the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. He hiked for 100 days (about 1000 miles). He came home, rested up and went back to Osceola Inn for the remainder of the season.

In August we went to Brandon, Florida for Vandy and Ray's wedding. In September we went to Melbourne to visit Larry. Beth and Grandma Mixson went along. Larry took us deep sea fishing. My first and only time I've been fishing. Larry told us about the new girl (Julie) that came from New Jersey Info

Julie was actually from Maryland.

and had her office right next door to his. She later became his wife.

Beth was in her second year at Santa Fe in the Zoo Program. Her best friend was Janet Oliver.

In October Sue, Jim, Betty, Billy, Morris and I went to see the fall leaves up on the Skyline Drive in Virginia. We stayed at the lodge at Rocky Knob. One day we went to Boone. We did some hiking. The leaves were beautiful and we had a great time.

In December we went to Wachula for Wenjie Turner's wedding. Morris felt sick and had bad indigestion all weekend. Monday morning he tried walking up the stairs to the 3rd floor of the Chemistry department and was so short of breath he couldn't make it. He thought something had to be wrong so he went to see Dr. Brashear. After some tests they sent right to the hospital. Early the next morning he had a heart cauterization and they found two blockages and immediately they took him into surgery with Dr. Bartley operating. He had a double by-pass and did real well. He was in the hospital for Christmas. Dianne was wonderful to us during all of this time. She was a nurse at AGH and in intensive care right with him and taking special care of him. He came home Jan. l, l981 and went back to work part time five weeks later.


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