Mixsonian  Barbara Waive 

Dec. 31-Jan. 2    
 Dec 31st, 8 am we left for New Orleans to see the Gators play in the Sugar Bowl.  Betty, Billy, Paul & Yvonne & their friends & Morris & me all went on a bus.  Got there about 6 pm – went to supper at the motel where we were staying.  Stayed up til midnight playing cards (it was New Years Eve).  Next day Jan. 1 – toured some of the waterfront at New Orleans & then took a luncheon cruise on a river boat.  Went back to the motel – left for the game at 5 pm – go there real early – game didn’t start til 8 pm.
  Saw David & Mark at the game.  They drove up last night.  We lost the game to Notre Dame (bad)!  Bus left at 8 pm Jan. 1st. Got home about 10 pm.  
January 1, 1992
arrived home from New Orleans about 9:30 pm.  Had a good trip except for losing the game!
Jan. 2.
   Sue operated on – hip replacement.
Jan. 8.
   Bob Schwander came up & stayed & ate supper with us.
Jan. 9.
   Sue came home from hospital.
Jan. 14.
   Betty & I went out to lunch.
Jan. 15
     Went to Red Lobster with David & Beth for my Birthday lunch.
Jan. 16
   Dianne took me to lunch at the Heritage Club (Seagle Bldg) for my lunch.    Went out for supper with Betty & Billy.  That a week of eating!
Jan. 28
    Went to visit Bob & Ellie at Zephyrhills – tool mom along.  
Feb. 6
  Went to WMU-Brotherhood Banquet at First B. Church.  B&B went to.
Feb. 7.
   SS Party  covered dish at Carolyn * Larmar Upshaw.
Feb. 10
  Morris & I both had check-ups with Dr. Black.
Feb. 11
  David took me to see the Royal Lipizzan’s at the Horse Show.  It was very good.  First time I’ve ever seen them.
Feb. 14
  Meals on Wheels.  Crystal came over on Friday & she & Coral spent the weekend with us.  Took them to eat at Morrisons.  They were so silly & cute.  Just like little girls.
Feb. 16
   David left for Austria to go skiing with Brenda, Tom & Boys.
Feb. 18
  Trudy Woodruff (Mark’s Stepmother) & her 5 year old great grandson drowned in a swimming pool in Ocala.  
Feb. 20
  Mom went to Carole’s.
Feb. 24
  David back from Austria.  Went to Orlando to pick him up.
March 1
  Janice & Victor have been here for 6 months.  They left today to go back to Brazil.     Westside B. C. met today at the new Performing Arts Theatre at U. of F. About 1400 attended.
March 5
  Betty, Billy & us went to St. Augustine to condo.
March 10
  Went to Carole’s to pick up Mom.
March 13
  SS Party at Jon & Fran Stround’s house.
March 15
  Had B’day dinner today for David, Beth, Kristi & Dixie.
March 19-25
  Went to Macon, Ga. For the cherry blossom Festival.  Met Carolyn & Larmar on Sunday & they came out to our campground & ate supper with us.  Trees, very pretty.  Cool weather.  Got back to G’ville & had a bad rainstorm.
March 30
  I took Dixie out to lunch at the Red Lobster for her Birthday.
April 2
  Went out & got grandma Mixson to spend a couple of nights with us.
April 6-10
  Bob, Ellie, Mom & us went to Gary & Dianne’s condo at St. Augustine Beach.
April 14
  Had a salad luncheon for our WMU meeting at Betty’s house.
April 17
  Meals on Wheels.  Took Zachary, Coral & Katie camping at Payne’s Prairie for their program  “Walk Through Time”.  It was very good.  Kids were good.
April 23-24
   Sue & Jim came up.     Carole came up to take mom to the doctor.  
May 15
  Coral & Katie spent the night with us.
May 16
  Coral’s gymnastics party at 1 today.  I took here & Katie to it.
May 21
  Senior Citizens picnic at Poe Springs today.  Over 50 people came.  Great food & beautiful day.
May 24
  Morris’ high school reunion at Reddick today.  Sue & Jim came up for it too.  Really enjoyed it.  Great food.
May 26
  David takes us out to eat for a belated Mothers’ Day gift!
May 27
  Had a small early B’day party for Katie here today.  She turned 4.
May 28
  Coral’s graduation for preschool at WBC tonight.  As Zack had a ball game tonight, Coral spent the night with us, & Morris & I took her to graduation.  It was really nice.  
May 29
  Beth, Mark & kids went camping with the Boy Scouts.
May 30
  SS class had a fish fry party at the Suwannee River at Zella Mae & Monroe’s house.
June 1 - July 5
    Left Monday morning for Branson, Mo.  Arrived Wed. 1:30 pm & spent 6 days there.  It was great.  Took in 4 shows, went to Silver Dollar City one day, went to Pro Bass Shop in Springfield one day & one day went to Eureka Springs, Ark.   Got to Lawrence, Ks. Tues. June 9. Camped at their beautiful state park about 10 miles from town.  Visited the First Bap. Church on Wed. Night (where Brenda & Tom go a call from).  Got to Mt. Rushmore June 11.  Fantastic  cool & beautiful.  Left there June 15, drove across the Bad Lands & across Missouri.  Got to Sturgeon Bay, WI Jun 17.  Raining & cold & tornado watch all day.  Stayed with our cousins, Marion & Bill Noty.  They showed us all around that area & where my daddy (Fred John Junior) they spell it “Junion” was born & raised, the cemetery where the Junion’s are all buried & we visited a Aunt Loretta (80 some years old).  Really had a good time.  Cold the whole time we were there.   Left for Michigan June 20.  Spent June 21, Fathers’ Day, with my step brother, Dick Hoyer and his wife Shirly, their 3 sons & daughter-in-law’s & their children in Allegan, MI.     We camped at Hungry Horse Campground near Wayland, MI & near Sandy Pines where Bob & Ellie stay during the summer.  We got up early every day & spent the day with Bob & Ellie.  Cool weather all week.    
Jun 29
  Left Michigan, July 1
  arrived Waynesville, N.C. There we camped till July 5- gone 5 weeks.
July 6
  Brenda, Tom & Boys are in London for 4 days.
July 10
  Brenda, Tom & Boys arrive Orlando = 3:10 pm.  They rented a car and drove up to G’ville in time for supper.  Marion & Cindy went to Orlando to meet them, then they came here.  They all spent the night here.  Stayed Sat.
July 12
  We all went to the Condo.
July 18
  Betsy Terhune got married.  Betty and I went to the wedding.  Left for the condo afterwards.  B & B went with us.
July 24
  Meals on Wheels.   Brenda and Tom here.
July 28
  Libby in hospital for biopsy on breast.  It was positive.  Had to have one breast removed.
July 31
  Mom moves into her apartment by Gary as Gary sold her house.  Carol comes up to help move; but I do most of it.  
August 1
  David, Connie & Joshua leave for California with the Florida Trail Association group to climb Mt. Whitney.  David makes it to the top.  They get back Aug. 15.
  Spend as much time as we can with Brenda & Tom before they leave for Lawrence, Kansas.
Aug. 16
   Huge Andrew Smith was born.
Aug. 20
  They load a “U Haul Truck “ at the condo & drive one here to spend the night with us.  Celebrate Morris’s B’day.
Aug. 21
  They get up early & leave for Kansas.  Sure hate to see them go so far away.  Summer has gone to fast.
Aug. 23
  Hurricane Andrew hits Miami the southwest, up to La. Worst hurricane in a century.  Morris’ B’day.  66 years old.
Aug. 24
  School start grandkids stay with us this wee as Beth & Mark go visit his brother.  
Aug. 28
  Took David to airport to go to Michigan to see his little girl Laurel who lives up there with her mother Kathy.  He stayed with Jill Schwander at her apartment.  They had a good time visiting.
Sept. 3
  Went to Jax to pick Brenda & Larry up at the airport.  They came in about 2 hours apart.
Sept. 4
  SS Part at the Kiggins.
Sept. 5
  All the girls in our family go together for lunch at Chili’s. (where Kelly works).  Some of the family go together & went out for supper.
Sept. 6
  Family Reunion & Mom’s 80 birthday party at Gary & Dianne’s.  51 present (includes a few guests).  Had a photographer to take pictures.
Sept. 8
  Corals Birthday.  Took Brenda & Larry back to Jax to fly out.  
Sept. 12
  First football game.  Played Kentucky here,  won 35-19.
Sept. 16
  Danah & Christopher had a baby girl name her Shelby.
Sept. 17-21
   Betty, Billy & us left for Tennessee.  Stayed in Pidgeon Forge.  Beautiful cool weather.  Ball game at Tennessee.  Spent one day at Dollywood Park.  Had a great time.  Got home Monday night Sept. 21.
Sept. 23
  Went out & took grandma Mixson out to lunch.  Bought her home with us.  Took Morris to hospital for pin in his chest.
Sept. 25
  Brought Morris home from hospital.  Going back next week for a heart catheterization to see if he has any block arteries.
Sept. 30
  6 couples went to Jax for a covered disk luncheon at Doug & Louise Turner’s home.  Had a great time visiting with them.   
Oct. 1 - 31
    Morris was on call for the federal jury all month.
Oct. 1
   Morris goes back in hospital for a heart catheterization.  First one looked like something in it so they did another next day.  It turned out OK and the doctor said he bi-pass are clean & he’s OK.
Oct. 13
   had our WMU meeting (Luncheon) at our house today.   Zach’s class went to camp Crystal today (5th grade).
Oct. 14
  Libby had a mastic today.
Oct. 19-25
  Morris and I went camping at Ft. Desoto Park (St. Petersburg, Fla).  Betty & Billy came down on Friday & stayed until we went home on Sunday.  Beautiful campground & weather.  Had a great time.
Oct. 26
  Morris finally got called up for a jury trial.  
Oct. 29
  SS Party at John & Fran Stroud’s house.  Dress Tacky & we did!
Oct. 31
  Ga-Fla game in Jax.  Betty, Billy, John & Evelyn & us went in the motor home.  Got there early & got a great spot.  Had a great picnic lunch.  We won!
Nov. 2-8
  Mom got very sick & couldn’t sleep day or night or do one thing for herself so I brought her to our house.  Gary had stayed up day & nigh with her since Friday night.  I got no sleep Mon. or Tues and Carole came up Wed. to help out. She left Fri & Dixie came over Fri. night& Sat to help.  Cork came over Sunday afternoon to help. At midnight I couldn’t stand it any longer & Morris & a took her to NRFH emergency room where they admitted her at 5 AM in the morning!  Sue came up Monday to help go see & take care of here in the hospital.  They sent mom to Shands 8th floor on the 13th where she stayed for 4 weeks.  I went up to the hospital for 4 weeks every day except 3 days!  
Nov. 9-16
  Gary & Dianne went on a trip for their 25th Anniversary.
Nov. 20
   Meals on Wheels
Nov. 25
  Mom came home for 3 days for Thanksgiving.
Nov. 27
  Betty, Billy, & Morris & I left for Tallahassee for the UF-FSU ball game.  Spent Fri. & Sat. nights & came home Sunday.
Nov. 29
  Betty, Billy Morris & I ate supper at the Brown Derby for our Anniversary (42 years).
Dec. 1
  Our 42nd anniversary.
Dec. 8
  Mom came home from Shands (back to her apartment at Gary’s house)
Dec. 10
  Had our WMU meeting at Betty’s house.  Betty & I fixed refreshments & she had the house decorated for Christmas.  It was nice.
Dec. 11
  Our SS class Christmas Party.  Covered dish at Rosalie & OD Thomas’ home.
Dec. 13
  Had David (and friend Jo), Beth, Mark & kids and mom over for an early Christmas dinner & open our gifts to each other.
Dec. 14
  Morris & I left for Lawrence, Kansas. Arrived about 5 o’clock the next day.  Had a beautiful snowstorm above Springfield, Mo. About 2 pm in the afternoon.  Before it was over everything was covered with snow.
Dec. 14-31  Was at Brenda & Tom’s house.  Had a great Christmas with them.  Very cold weather most of the time.   Arrived home Jan. 7, 1993. (see travel log in camper for complete trip to Brenda & Tom’s house).  

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