Mixsonian Larry

Early Art
Teen through early adult.

Colored Squares<br> Colored Pens - 1969
Colored Squares<br> Colored Pens - 1969
Purple Geometric<Br> Colored Pen - 1969
Brick Perspective<br>1969
3-D Stacked Boxes - 1969
Glass Jug<br>1979
Potted Tree<br>By sliding door at my home in Indialantic - 1979
Hand holding pot pipe<br>1979
Row Houses - 1979<br>Drawn from my vist to Cincinnati to see a girl friend. Living in Florida, I had never seen such housing.
Self Portrait<br>I had Hair! 1979
Larry Caracture - 1983<br>Drawn by friend Russel B+ raiting was hisl, Less hair
Sunset over Indian River at Indlantic, FL - 1979
Fence and farm field
Surrealist Drawing, Salvador Dali has always been one of my favorite artists<br>1979
Country Funeral for a Mason, 1979<br>Funeral was for my uncle Adrian Mixson at Flemington Baptist Church Cemetery. I had planned to do a painting thus the notes on items and colors.  Flemington Baptist Church Cemetery
Funeral for a country Mason 2
Breaking of Religion, Surrealist Drawing<br>1988
Surrealist Drawing - 1971<br>Drawn in 1988, not sure why it has a list of my friends in 1971
Covered Bench, Dumbarton Oaks - 1988<br>This has a story which one day I will tell

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