Mixsonian Larry

Model Building

From an early age I have built models.  The first models I remember were plastic models which were mostly airplanes.  In my teens I built two larger balsa wood models of airplanes, one was a glider with a 36 inch wingspan and another was like a 24 inch biwing plane.   Below are some models I built later in life. (see also Model Rockets).

I built the model below of the Spirit of St. Louis in 2015.  I went to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum for reasearch and took the photo below of the "real" Spirt of St. Louis.

Spirit of Saint Louis Spirtit of St. Louis

I built this radio control model boat of the 1949 Chris Craft runabout in 2015.  One of these was used in the move On Golden Pond. Below is a picture of the initial contstuction.

Model Boat
Model Boat Construction