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Model Rockets

Model RocketPhoto of model rocket I built around 1968

In the mid to late 60's I became interested in model rockets having descovered them in an advertisement in Popular Science.    I built six or eight of their kits at that time and along with several of my friends at the time would launch them in the field near our house.  The sceen from postcard #2 below could very well have been our group.  One of the models I built was the "Camroc" which had a camera which was to take a picture when the parchute opened.  As I recall I only had one successful picture taken with it.   Many years later, in my 50's I bought and built several newer models including a Space Shuttle and a rocket glider (see below).

Estes Model Rocketry

Estes postcard #1, Caption on the back:
With the space age a new hobby was born - model rockerty.... The true scale model, shown being readied for launch, is the Estes Industries uprated Saturn I.  Estes Industries  pioneerd this new space-age hobby, and is now the world's largest producer of model rocket supplies.  From a new 72,000 sq. ft. production and research facility in Penrose, Colorado, space minded young Americans receive up-to-the-minute research information and an exciting selection of models to build and fly.

Estes Model Rockets

Estes postcard #2, Caption on the back: Rocketeers preparing the rockets they've built for count down and lift-off.  It could very well be a secene iny your own neighborhood.  You can join science minded young people all over America in the space-age hobby of model rocketry. 

Estes Camroc Camera Rocket

Estes Camroc Rocket

Model rockets I built in my 50's. I have engines for them but yet none have never flown.

Model Rockets