Mixsonian Larry

Kitchen Renovation

With everything out of the kitchen comes the demolition.   The stove and cabinets I will donate to Habitat for Humanity.

1. Remove Dishwasher
2. Remove Stove
3. Remove Disposal
4. Remove plumbing under sink
    a. Drain pipe
    b. faucet connections
5. Remove Sink
6. Remove Counter Top
7. Remove Base Cabinets
8. Remove Upper Cabinets
9. Remove Soffit
10. Remove Ceiling
     Since I plan to install four new recessed lights, move the chandelier over the table to be centered and with the soffit removal I decided it was easier to just take down the whole ceiling rather then patch so much of it.
11. Remove Base Boards
12. Remove vinyl floor
13. Remove Gas Line
    I plan to put back in a new electric stove,  Called the propane gas company to come out and remove their tanks.
14. Cut out Living Room Opening
15. Open walls for new electrical
   a. Light switch by door
   b. Outlet move on far wall
   c. Outlet move by window
   d. Living room light switch move

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