Mixsonian Larry

Kitchen Renovation

The following electrical work needed to be done for the new lighting and outlets.

  Task Supplies
1. Move far wall outlet up to be above base cabinets. double outlet box, outlet (outlet and under cabinet switch)
2. Add new outlet under new desk. outlet box, outlet
3. Move phone jack from wall by door to under new desk. reuse phone box from current position
4. Move outlet by window over about 10 inches.  (it's current position would be behind the new base cabinet.) outlet box, outlet
5. Move chandler box over to be centered of window and table. ceiling box
6. Add outlet box for dishwasher.  (It currently just has wire coming out of wall). outlet box
7. Add wiring and outlet box for new microwave hood. outlet box, outlet
8. Move light switch for overhead lights from living room to by kitchen door. (I never understood why they put it in the LR). double outlet box, 1 3way switch, 1 dimmer switch
9. Install and wire 4 new recessed lights in ceiling. 4 x 5" recessed lights
10. Install 2 outlet boxes in ceiling  and wire over living room opening for pendent lights. 2 x ceiling box
11. Install 2 outlet boxes in ceiling bay window opening and wire for pending lights. 2 x ceiling box
12. Install and wire new switch for under cabinet lights main counter area. new switch
13. Install and wire new switch for under cabinet lights in far wall area. double box, switch
14. Install new 220v outlet box and stove outlet outlet box, stove outlet

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