Mixsonian Larry

My Computers in 2019

My Coimputers 2019

The photo above is of some of my computers at home.  In the center is my main computer that I do most of my work on.  Displayed on it is my website and development tools I'm using to write this.  It is a Dell XPS8900 with 16G of memory and a 2 TB hard disk.  On the right is my Mixsonian genealogy database computer.  It is a Dell XPS 8300, 12 GB of memory, 2 x 1TB disks in a RAID 1.  It runs the open source Webtrees genealogy program using a MySQL database. On the left is a Raspberry Pi micro computer which will be part of my next project. 

In my second study is my media compuer, a Dell XPS 420, 8GB of memory and 2x1TB disks in a RAID 1.  It has a page scanner, video inputs for converting VHS tapes and a LP turntable to convert LPs to digital.   In addition I have a old Dell Latitude C540 laptop running CentOS I bought used when I worked at AOl.  And finally I have my dad's old Dell Insprion 1545 laptop which is connected to my piano for piano lessons.

As you can tell I like Dell computers.  I have had a Dell computer for over 20 years.  Every three or four years I get a new one and the repurpose my old one.