Mixsonian Larry


When the first IBM PC came out I found it interesting but it wasn't much more than what I had with my IMSAI but when the IBM XT came out with a 10 Meg hard drive I had to have one.  My boss at the time, Harold Topol, became a VAR (Valued Added Reseller) of the IBM XT and was able to get me a "deal" on one. I remember spending close to $3,000 for it. It was not considered "state-of-the-art" but it was a good solid computer that I used for many years. It ran at 4.77 MHz and had 64 KB ram which I later upgraded to its maximum of 640KB. The video was CGA which had 16 colors and 320x200 or 640x200 resolution in graphics mode. It ran the MS DOS operating system that was similar to the CPM operating system I ran on my IMSAI.

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