Mixsonian Larry

2014 BMW i3 


In 2015 I bought this all electric BMW i3.  It was a 2014, the first year for the i3.  I drove it daily to and from work and local errands.  It only gets 80 miles on a charge but that has been sufficient for most of my daily driving.  I had it shipped to Florida in 2018 when I moved there and continued driving it until 2023 when I decided to trade it in.  It had been a good car, but after eight years, the limited 80 mile range was reduced to 70.  Two years before, six months before the warnenty was to run out, one of the eight battery cells went bad which dropped the rannge to 70 miles but BMW replace it and it went back to 80 for the following year but once again it was down to 70 miles so I thought that another cell had expired.  That, and the limited range even at 80 miles, prevented me from using it much other than around town so I decided in February of 2023 to trade it in for a new Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

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