Mixsonian Larry

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

1993 Chevy Bolt

After deciding to trade in my BMW I3, in February of 2023, I at first looked at the new BMW I4 but found them to be pricy starting at $55,000 but also, they said they would not be shipping them until the fall and I was ready to buy a new car.  I also looked at the new all electric Volvo, while they were taking preorders, they also would not be shipping until later in the year.  After looking at some reviews, I was surprised the new Chevrolet Bolt EUV (Electric SUV) rated very well and, even better, they were around $35,000 so I went down to the local Chevrolet dealer and talked to a salesman who said they had only one in the store and it was preordered and sold.  Ok, so I tell him I would like to order one and he tells me they were so popular that they were not taking any more orders, but he would let me know if he found one.  Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear so I went home and looked online and found a dealer in Orlando that said it had four, one white, one silver, one black and one red.  So, I put in a online request for the sliver one. The next day a saleswoman calls me about the car and tells me it was already sold. Ok, what about the white one, same thing sold.  They did have the red and black ones, but they were 2022 models.  Well, there is no way I would have a red car and a black car in Florida is called a mobile oven.  She would take a $2,000 deposit though, and let me know when they got one in, but no promise of when, yeah right.  I go online again, the dealer in Ocala listed have two, but when I called them same thing, they were already sold.  Come guys, what with dealers listing cars as being available when they were sold.  I was getting discourage and was about to wait a few months when, about a week later, the salesman from the local dealer that I first talked to said he found one for me, it was still on the assembly line being built and would arrive for about four weeks.  I rushed down to the dealer, signed some papers, gave them a check and waited.  Three weeks later they called and said it was in. 

I was a bit sad when I drove my BMW I3 the last time to the dealer to pick up my new car, the I3 had been a good car but I was ready for one that had more range.

The Chevy Bolt EUV is specified to get 250 miles, although depending on how you drive it, it can get as much as 300 and as little as 200 on a single charge.  Either way, I now can drive from Gainesville to either the west coast or east coast and back on a charge.  Since the eight years I had the I3, technology had improved, and the Bolt is in many ways a better car.  Further updates will be provided in the coming months.

Updated: 04-16-2023