Mixsonian Waive

Waive Junior Remembering
Moving to Florida

            In June of 1948 we sold everything we had and moved to Ocklawaha, Florida on Lake Weir. Fred set up a roadside stand (very popular in that time) selling chenille products, oranges, and other fruit, and juices, and yard decorations (remember the pink flamangos?). In addition he soon was pastoring the Flemington Baptist Church.  For awhile he also held Youth For Christ Meetings in Ocala; in good weather out-of-doors, and later on in an old theater.  In 1950 we sold everything in Ocklawaha and moved to Ocala for a short time.  Early in 1951 we moved to St. Petetersburg/Clearwater area where we lived at Trinity Bible College* and Fred was Dean of the Boys. By this time Sue had married Jimmy Mixson from Flemington and Barbara married Morris Mixson, also from Flemington.  In 1952 we moved again, this time back to Atlanta, Ga. where Fred went into the Book and Bible business and pastored Wrenwood Baptist Church.  The year Gary was in the 7th grade we moved to Gainesville. Florida.
            We lived in Gainesville (except for one year I lived at Trinity Bible College* where I was Dean of Women and Fred (and our two poodles, Mimi and ’Ittle Bit) lived in a little house near-by) until Fred retired from the Jr. Office Furniture and Office Mart Store.  Gary and Corky took over the family business and we moved to a condominium in Clearwater.  We were living there when Fred got sick in June 1976.
          We spent most of the summer months either in the hospital in Gainesville or at one of the kid’s home.  God has been so good to us.  Fred and I were married nearly forty-five years before God called him home. Sept. 27, 1976.  The family were so good to us during his illness.  I can remember every detail and how close God was through this period. (John 14—17 was my comfort).  Fred was buried October 1. 1976  at Shilo Cemetery near Flemington, Florida. I am now living alone with my little dog, Tiffy, in a condominium here in Gainesville, Florida near-several of my children.

*Note: Waive always called it "Trinity Bible College" but the actual name is "Trinity College of Florida", established in 1932 by Dr. W. T. Watson who was long time friends of Fred and Waive.  Trinity Bible College is in Jacksonville was established in 1974.  See Barbara's story about praying with Dr. Watson about getting married.