Mixsonian Waive

Waive Junior Remembering
Beginning of Our New Life

Barbara, Sue, Dixie, Carole, GaryBarbara, Sue, Dixie, Carole Gary

            Two of our friends, Hollis and Mildred Tiffany from Allegan became Christians about this time. Also, we had some new friends in Grand Rapids who were Christians. One cold Sunday in January, the old “Mel Trotter” mission was having their yearly conference and Louis. Mildred and a school teacher friend of there’s, were at the meeting.  After hearing the sermon, Hollis felt the direction of God telling him to look us up.  They found a telephone book and found out our address and paid us a surprise visit.  I guess they were suprised too, for I am sure God had prepared our hearts in advance for we listened to them and were willing to accept the Lord but just didn’t know how.  They asked us to go to church with them and we did.  Fred went forward during the invitation and after they showed him the scriptures on how to be saved, he accepted the Lord as his Savior. (Fred was brought up as a Catholic in Wisconsin and all of his relatives are still Catholics). 

            When they showed me the same scriptures, I thought “why”, I’ve always believed the Bible was true and those scriptures were true only I knew that didn’t save me. So, what was I to do? We had a very good Bible teaching minister, Rev. Peter Ypma, and after listening to him, finally, one day I realized I believed only now I must accept it into my heart and life. How simple when I finally saw it -- for it’s by faith you believe and accept.  Many times I’ve faltered but I’ve only to confess my sin and He is faithful and just to forgive me. 

            We became Christians in February of 1938 when Carole was just a baby 

            Gary was our first son born October 3, 1941.