Mixsonian Larry


In March of 1970 there was a total solar eclipse which some friends and I traveled to see.  The clasest place to see it was in Geogia so my friend Bill's said he would drive us, along with his brother and a couple of other firends up to Georgia to see it.   

Yes it got dark, as the photo below shows but click on photos or arrow for more of the story.
After picking me up, we went to his friends house to pick them up. For some reason the girl was digging though the garbage when we arrived.
They weren't ready to go so we went inside their house where the girl made breakfast while we waited.
Bill's brother waiting in a chair
The girl
There house was sort of run down and I wondered how they could live in such a place. A few years later I lived in a old house that was very similar.
A reminder on their bedroom wall came quite a shock to me who was still a virgin.
Bill said "Turn off the lights and check out the black light posters." I concluded they were hippies.
We arrived at a field in Georgia and set up Bill's telescope.
I remember Bill's car well, he would pick me to go to school in it.
There was quite a crowd of people gathered to see the eclipse.
Van full of equipment.
And it began...
Getting darker...
and darker...
until it was total, street lights came on with dogs barking strangely in the distance.

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