Mixsonian Larry Larry Larry Larry
1958   1959 1960  

Grade:      First
Where:     Gainesville, Florida
School:     Westwood Junior High
Teacher:   Mrs.  Carol Petley

In the first grade, 1958-1959, I went to Westwood Junior High (now Westwood Middle School), the Elementary school "Littlewood" wasn't completed yet.  The classroom was a temporary building.  I remember riding my bicycle to school down 34th street which was still a dirt road in parts.  One weekend the family went to Magnesia Springs and I was running around the pool and slipped and cut my ebrow and had to get five stiches.

1st Row, Left to Right
Larry Mixson, Sandy, Kathy, Tony, Hank Weaver, Steven, Harriett

2nd Row
Bob Black, Carolyn, Gary Swartz, Carl Waters, Mike, James Green

3rd Row
David, Mrs. Petley, Jackie, Hank, Lee Smith, Mary Pat

4th Row
Tommy Hewelitte, Kathy McIntosh, David, Darrell, Annette, Vera

Mrs. Petley First Grade Class 1959