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William Mixson, s. of John and Grace Mixon, was b. in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, baptized October 11, 1683. It is believed he died in Craven County, North Carolina in 1739

The 1704 Rent Rolls of New Kent County, Va., was composed of a large number of small farmers. William Moxon (evidently Mixon) with 100 acres is one among the number. He is now 21, presumably just married and he and Elizabeth are out on their own. Tobacco was the main cash crop for Virginia farmers, and the small farmer, most of them, were usually in a strain trying to make a go of it. Many of them moved about from time to time trying to better themselves with better lands if such could be found and hunting other ways to supplement their income.

From Vol. 5 of "Virginia Colonial Abstracts" (King and Queen County):

"In an action of assumption between Garvin Corbett, pltf., and Richard Kemp, deft., for 2 Lbs., 2 sh., and 11 p. due by a judgment of King and Queen County Court dated 12th June, 1708, and one hundred thirty six pounds of tobacco the cost of the suit which said judgment the pltf. obtained against William Mixon. 3 Oct., 1709."

From "North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register," Vol. I, p. 145: "April 15, 1715, at a court held at the house of Mr. Henry King William Mixon proves rights of importation for himself, his wife and three children." (Chowan County). Chowan County records show two Powers of Attorney given by Ellinor Merritt (of Virginia) to William Mixon to witness her name to some deeds.

Page 75: To William Mixon to witness her name to a deed from Charles M. Merritt and Ellinor Merritt to Richard Barefield of Virginia. The deed was dated April 16, 1715, consideration 30 lbs. - 280 acres land in Chowan County.

Page 77: To William Mixon to witness her name to a deed from Charles M. Merritt and Ellinor Merritt to James Peek of Boston. The deed was dated April 16, 1715, for 130 acres of land "on ye south side of Chowan River."

On April 16, 1715, William Mixon witnesses a deed from Lazarus and Mary Thomas to Thomas Sturges. (N.C. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. II, p. 138).

On April 16, 1715, he is a witness to a deed from Lazarus Thomas to Richard Barefield. (N.C. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. I, p. 285).'

On Sept. 15, 1715, he is a witness to a deed from Lewis Williams to Benjamin Wood, Hertford County, N.C. (N.C. Hist. and Gen. Reg., Vol. I, p. 290).

William's older brother, John Mixon and wife Prudence and some children had been in Chowan County since 1711. It would seem that William and family had come there to make this their home; however the next records found on William is in early 1718, and he and family are back in Virginia. March 10th of that year they are in Surrey County at which time he buys 12 acres of land from John Averis and his,wife, Mary. Consideration 10 pounds. (Surrey County deeds, 1715-1730, p. 164).

On Sept. 5, 1723, William Mixon obtains a land grant for 20 acres in Surrey County. ( Patent #11, 1719-1724).

On Dec. 20, 1723, William Mixon sells the 12 acre tract of land he had previously bought from John Averis. Elizabeth Mixon, wife of William also signed the deed. One of the witnesses was Robert R. Mixon (evidently a son). (Deed Records of Surrey County, 1715-1730, p. 544).

On October 13, 1727, William Mixson obtains another land grant. This grant was for 254 acres located in Prince George County, and from description it was very near or probably adjoined the smaller grant in Surrey County.

From 'Bristol Parish Records and Vestry Book'', p. 337.

"Michaell, son of William and Elizabeth Mixon, born April 15, 1727"

The deed records for both Surrey and Prince George Counties for the next several years are missing and it is not known how and when these lands were disposed of. However, from later information it is believed that William Mixon and family had gone back to Craven County, N.C., and that he and his wife both probably died there.

Robert Mixon was present at the sale of John Mixon's personal assets, May 1, 1734. No further records on him have been found. Robert R. Moxson d. in Isle of Wight County, Va., 1735 and his estate admistered that year. It is believed this was Robert R. Mixson. One William Mixon was also present at sale of John Mixon's personal assets, May 1, 1734, but it is believed this William Mixon was son of John Mixon.


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