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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy


Archibald James Kirkland Mixson, son of James Joyce and Elizabeth Stanyarne Johnson Mixson, was born in Barnwell District, SC, Sept. 26, 1860 while his mother was visiting her parents, d. Jan. 13,1938, buried in the Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua County, FL . He was named James for his father and Archibald Kirkland for his grandfather, but later dropped the “Kirkland" because his name was too long. On Feb. 2, 1893, he m. Mattie Ella Mims (a third cousin) on her father's plantation near the Savannah River in Screven County, Georgia, b. July 18, 1860, d. May 26, 1910, bur. Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston, FL, , dau. of Thomas Shadrack and Mary Elizabeth Lyons Mims of Screven County, GA


1900 Williston, Levy, FL, age 39, wife E M-39, children: Thomas G-6, Harold-5, James A-3, Marie 1

1910 Williston, Levy, FL, age49, wife E M-49, children: Goodwin-16, Harrold-15, Augustus-13, Marie-11, Lizzie-9, Jay-6

1920 Williston, Levy, FL. age 54. wife Mary-27, children: Charles William-1, Frances Saunders Mixon-1, A J-16

1930 Williston, Levy, FL, age 69, wife Mary-37, children: step dau.Frances-17, Charles-11, Herman-7, Marjorie-9, Doris-5, James-1, niece Liza Jean Mixson-13

All their children were b. in FL

*869 Thomas Goodwin Mixson - b. Oct. 12, 1893, d. 1986

*870 Harold Joyce Mixson - b. Sept. 25, 1895, d. Aug. 29, 1959

871 James Augustus Mixson - b. Sept. 25, 1896, Williston, FL, d. Mar. 30, 1989, bur. Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston, FL, m. May 10, 1919 to Juliet Roberts Cummings - b. April 12, 1894, d. Feb. 26, 1992, bur. Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston, FL , in Washington D.C. She was the dau. of Joseph Franklin and Emily Miller Umberger Cummings of Sunbury, Northumberland, Pa. He is a Brigadier General, U.S. Marines (Ret'd). They have no children.

James served in WWI in the army, 2nd Lt. stationed in the US at Wintrhop, MD; Quantico, VA; Parris Island, SC; 6th Brig Cuba; 1st Brig Haiti.

872 Mary Ella Mixson - b. Nov. 20, 1898, d. Feb, 27, 1969, did not marry

873 Elizabeth Georgia Mixson - b. Jan. 24, 1901, d. Aug. 26, 1996, bur Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston, FL . She is a retired Lt. Col., U. S. Army Nurse Corps. During her long service in the Army Nurse Corps, she was on duty in many parts of the world, 278the Philippine Islands (under Gen. Douglas MacArthur), the Hawaiian Islands, on both coasts of the United States and in between, and during World War II (The Great War) she was Chief Nurse of the 125th General Hospital in England, and later (by request of the Chief Medical Officer) was Chief Nurse of the 820th Hospital Center in Nancy, France, where she had supervision over all the nurses in the mobile hospitals of the assault armies.

874 Archibald James Mixson - b. Oct.7, 1903, Williston, FL, d. Jul. 2, 1972, bur Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston, FL. , m. Lois Willodean Edwards - b. Jan. 22, 1900, dau. of John Edwin and Palona Annette Edwards, Mar. 24, 1932. The wedding was held at Apalachicola, FL They have no children.

Archibald James Kirkland Mixson m. (2) Dec. 18, 1916, Mary Heim Saunders, a widow; b. Dec. 25, 1892, d. Aug. 21, 1969, bur. Wacahoota Baptist Cemetery, Alachua County, FL , dau. of William Henry and Lucetta Weitega Heim of Chicago, a family of German descent. Mrs. Mixson had one child by her first marriage, Frances Elizabeth Saunders. All following children were born at Williston, Fla:

875 Charles William Mixson - b. Aug. 23, 1918, Williston, FL, d. Apr. 5, 2011, bur. Orange Hill Cemetery, Williston, FL , m. Marguerite Horne on Feb. 2, 1941. Their children:

6835 Marguerite Annette Mixson - b. April 16, 1942, m. Feb. 3, 1962, Lawrence Ferrell King - b. Jan. 13, 1934, son of Dr. and Mrs. L. F. King of Greenville, Fla. Children:

6838 Jerri Ann King - b. Feb. 17, 1969

6839 Mary Marguerite King - b. June 13, 1970

6836 Cynthia Sue Mixson - b. Sept. 27, 1949, m. July 25, 1970, Earl Eugene Waters - b. Dec. 30, 1949.

6837 Mary Florence Mixson - b. April 26, 1953

*876 Marjorie Julia Mixson - b. Aug. 23, 1920, d. 2016, m. Herman Lloy Fagley, Feb. 18, 1950

*877 Herman Louis Mixson - b. Feb. 12, 1923

*878 Doris Hanson Mixson - b. Mar. 26, 1925, d. 2011, m. Albert Edward Barker, Jr.

879 James Kirkland Mixson - b. Oct. 5, 1928, Williston, FL, m. Elizabeth Ann White. They have no children.

880 Joseph Johnson Mixson - b. May 3, 1932, Williston, FL, m. NApr 30, 1951 to atalie Mary Henderson - b. Oct. 4, 1935, Miami, FL, dau. of Woodrow Pickett and Mary Ann Ward Henderson, on April 30, 1951 at Gainesville, FL Their children:

6840 Brenda Joyce Mixson - b. Feb.7, 1953 at Williston, Fla. , married, Aug. 20, 1971, William Owen Shoemaker - b. March 25, 1951. They live in San Francisco, Cal. No children.

6841 Joseph Johnson Mixson, Jr. - b. Jan. 1, 1955 at Williston, FL, m. March 7, 1954, Karon Kim Wilson - b. Jan. 23, 1957.

881 Miles Edward Mixson - b. June 2, 1935, Williston, Flo., m. June 19, 1958, in First Presbyterian Church of Cherryville, N.C., to Meta Christine Devine - b. Oct. 22, 1935 at Asheville, N.C., dau. of Hilbert and Katherine Maxine Costner Devine. Major, U. S. Marine Corps. Their children:

6842 Kathi Dian Mixson - b. Mar. 29, 1959 at Fredericksburg, VA

6843 Kaura Frances Mixson - b. July 10, 1961 at Pensacola, FL

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