Mixsonian Larry   

Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

Another of John Mixson's brothers moved to Alabama and in my childhood I heard of him as being immensely wealthy, which made a profound impression on me.

But the one of John Mixson's sons that we are interested in was named John and inherited his father's plantation as well as his name. He was "very well off" for those times and owned several slaves. He married Mary Joyce, dau. of John Joyce.

The Joyces moved to this country about the time the Mixsons did. They settled about Irwinton and the land in most of that section was granted to John Joyce, William Joyce and William Brown.

William Brown came to South Carolina from Virginia in 1769 and settled on Brier Creek opposite of Burton Flats at what is now called the "Brown Place" now owned by John Warnock. His family consisted of himself, wife and nine children, one of whom was Tarleton Brown, the Revolutionary scout (see his memoirs) and another one of these children was Bartlett Brown, the ancestor of Joseph Brown, Rev. C. C. Brown, Mrs. Easterling and others of Barnwell.

Another one of the children was Elizabeth, who married John Joyce about or soon after the year 1776. They are my ancestors on my father's mother's side.

The Joyces were Irish but non-Catholic. They are distinguished for their piety and some of them at least belonged to a religious sect called "Duncards". One of their peculiarities was not to cut or shave their hair. William Joyce settled ten miles west of BarnwelI courthouse on the Augusta road at a branch called "Joyce's Branch".

John Mixson and his wife had a considerable family. My father William Joyce Mixson was the oldest, then Archibald Kirkland Mixson, James Joyce Mixson, Edward Miles Mixson, Charles Jones Mixson. The last four moved to Florida and settled near Gainesville, Ocala and Micanopy and left numerous offspring. Besides five sons my father had four daughters. Hanson married James Darlington, Experience first married Benjamin Brown and after his death, James Fogler. She had no children by either marriage and died leaving the old Mixson homeplace to the Foglers. Susan married Josiah Brown and moved to Mississippi and raised a highly respected family there. Levicy married Robert Cornelius Kirkland.

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