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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

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Description of grant to John Mogson, 433 acres, April 20,1684.

"ABINGDON PARISH, near head of Cedar Bush Creek, on W side adjoining Mr. John Mann, Major Lewis Burwell, Lawrence Smith, across Cedar Bush Crk. along Capt, Richard Bookers line. 125 acres bought by Wm. Mogson dec'd of Francis Wheeler dec’d, 1652. 300 acres formerly sold by Major Lewis Burwell, dec'd. to Mathew Hawkins of Queens Creek, Nov. 17, 1651, who sold to Wheeler by deed dated April 1, 1652, who sold Mogson, Sept. 4, 1652. Headright, Andrew Robinson."

(Note: Cedar Bush Creek is a shorter creek lying between Carters Creek and Tymberneck Creek. From a map with it's scale of miles, the head of Cedar Bush Creek should be about 3/4 mile from the pond on Tymberneck referred to in the grant to Major Lewis Burwell).

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Description of grant to Major Lawrence Smith, 120 acres, Oct.20,1691. (Resurvey)

"ABINGDON PARISH, Beginning at a point on the south side of the Severn River, near head adjoining Coll. Augustine Warner dec'd and adjoining Mr. Robert Bryan, Valientyne Layne, Thomas Graves, Abraham Broadley to the dwelling house of William Graves, to Mr. Thomas Graves, dec'd, Gillion White, the house of Robert Earbrough, Jeremie Moult, down Timberneck Crk. swamp to line of Mr. Peters, dec'd, to the head of Mr. Richard Bookers land, along Mr. John Moggson line and land of Major Lewis Burwell, on two sides and for 807 in 1666 & patents for 75 acres 1668. Residue 318 acres. Headrights: Eliza Long, Robt. Colles, Eliza Day, Thor Fanch, Rich. Hust, Thos. Phypps, Hen. Cluthero."

English Duplicates Of Lost Virginia Records, By Louis des Cognets, Jr.


Page 147

Jeffry Carves                     33 acres         Capt. Booker           1000 acres

JOHN MIXON                400 acres       Maj. Burwell           3300 acres

And many others


Ibid. Page 168


WILLIAM MOXON              100 acres

(Note: New Kent County lay west to northwest across the York River from Gloucester County

Other Early Records

Chowan County, North Carolina Cross Index to Deeds - Grantees 1696-1878 Vol B, p. 77

1715 - Power of Atty - WM Mixon grantee, Ellen Meritt Granton


Chowan County, North Carolina Cross Index to Deeds - Grantees 1696-1878 Vol B, p. 580

1715 - Assignment - John Mixon Grantee, Matthew Midgett Grantor





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