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Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent, Patent Book 2, p. 194

To Capt. Moore Fauntleroy, 5350 acres north side of Rappahannock River, 22 May , 1650, on Farnham Creek. Transportation of 107 persons. JOHN MIXON, one of the names mentioned.

Cavaliers And Pioneers  (Abstracts of Land Patents and Grants,1623-1666,Virginia) By Nugent.

Page 195

To Capt.Moore Fauntleroy, May 22,1650.

Two grants:

One grant for 350 acres for 7 headrights, (Names listed) Second grant for 5350 acres for 107 headrights. (Names listed) (Lands on north side of Rappahannock River).

Among the names listed are:

JOHN MIXON, Jno. Snellock, Dom. Lumby.

Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, p. 369

7 April , 1674 - Lightfoot vs. Deane

The difference between Capt. Phil Lightfoot, plf., and Ralph Deane, Dft., about building of brick chimneys is referred to an abajurty of the neighborhood to view the said Capt. Lightfoot's chimneys, to judge all the damages which the saidCapt. Lightfoot hath sustained... and what is due Deane. Mr. George Marable and ______ Mixon to be the jury, who are to be sworne in before Mr. John Buckner and to make report thereof to the next General Court.

Abstracts from the Land Patent Books in the Land Office at Richmond

(Description of lands patented within the present boundaries of Gloucester and Matthews Counties of Virginia.)

To Major Lewis Burwell - Patent Book 7, p. 64, Sept. 29, 1680

3400 acres beginning at a mirtle point on Carter's Creek, adjoining John Creed, Peter Garland's plantation, Dr. Clark's cleared ground, Mrs. Bowlin's lines, to Major Lawrence Smith's lands, to main branch of Tymberneck Creek, to pond and to spring, by Mixon's seller, south by creek west..

Records of Colonial Gloucester, Mason, Vol. I, p. 15 Gloucester Rent Roll, Abingdon Parish, 1704-5

JOHN MIXON, 400 acres

Ibid Part II, p. 54, Gloucestertowne, 1707 (62 lots and their owners listed)

JOHN MIXON, lot #11

Land Patent Books, Book 10, p. 251, 1710-1719

Aug. 16, 1715

To MICHAEL MIXEN, 50 shillings, 500 acres lying on west side of Boot Swamp, adjoining Col. Jennings . . . St. John's Parish . . King William County, bounded, by Major Bartelott…. (Just a few years later this part of King William was cut off into Caroline County).

William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 12, p. 242

WM. MICKION listed as a tithable by Vestry Board of King William Parish, 1719. On page 246, he is listed again for 1720.

Diaries of George Washington, Vol. III, p. 87

April 1, 1787

"At home all day (Mt. Vernon). Mr. Hunter, Mr. Runey, Mr. Porter, Dr. Craik, and a CAPT. MIXON dined here. All except Mr. Hunter went away after it."

Records Of Colonial Gloucester, Virginia, Vol. II. By Mason.

Page 53

Plat of Gloucester Town, 1707. Surveyed by Miles Cary, April 19, 1707.


(Bounded on East by Lot #12, owned by Edward Porteus, on South by street or alley (not named), on West by Lot#10 owned by Edmund Berkeley, on North by property of others.

The map or plat of Gloucester Town did not indicate the size of any lots, however, a large lot on the North end of this particular block, which appeared to be about equal in size to all other lots in the block was owned by Capt. Booker and Mrs. Roydes. Unfortunately, all Gloucester County records prior to about 1800, have been lost or destroyed.

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