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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

DR.GEORGE E.MIXON of Ocilla, Georgia, has had some extensive research done on the Mixon-Mixson lines in England. The first vital statistics records there was begun in 1837. Their first census was 1817. Prior to that period it was an expensive and time consuming job to find any records on those who owned little or no property. Parish registers was about the only avenue for research. Before 1800 there were some 12,000 parishes in England and the records of many are now non-existent, many of those that are existent are not indexed. Searching those that are might result unsatisfactory.

Below are some finds that Dr. Mixon has passed on to me (John Leslie Mixson):


(Births from 1837 to 1850)

1838 LEWIS M. MIXSON                                                       Carlisle, Cumberland

1845 JOSIAH MIXEN                                                              Saffron Walde, Essex

1845 SARAH ANN MIXEN                                                    Devizes, Wiltshire

1847 UINSON MIXSON                                                         Manchester, Lancanshire (The total was only four for the 13 year period).


(1837 to 1860, a 23 year period)

1844 GEORGE MIXON                                                           Leek, Staffordshire

1846 FREDERICK MIXON                                                    Southampton, Hampshire

1846 THOMAS MIXON                                                        Southampton, Hampshire

1850 ELIZABETH MIXEN                                                     Newmarket, Suffolk

1856 JOHN MIXON                                                                Gateshead, Durham

1859 JAMES MIXON                                                             Hendon, Middlesex

1860 ANN MIXON                                                                 Doncaster, Yorkshire

1847 HENRY MIXTON                                                          Battle, Sussex

1847 PETER MIXTON                                                            Battle, Sussex (Some variants)

1839 ROBERT MIGGSON                                                      Scarborough, Yorkshire

1851 ELIZABETH MICKERSON                                          London

1857 ELIZABETH MICKERSON                                          Newington, Surrey

1860 AGNES MIGISSON                                                        Kensington, London


(Total of 280 entries)

25% in Suffolk; 21% in Wiltshire; 18% in London; 11% in Essex; 3.5% in Somersetshire; 3.5% in Gloucestershire; 2% in each of the following: Kent, Surrey and Hertforshire. Very small percentages in a few other counties.


1559 (Feb.4) ELIZABETH MAXSON and Henry Davysone, St.Stephens, Colemanr Street, London

1616 RICHARD MIXSON and Elizabeth Story, Gateshead, Durham

1626 MARY MIXON and John Simms, Ludgate, St. Martins, Middlesex

1633 JOHN MISSON and Elizabeth Kerter, St, Gregorys Paul, Middlesex

1643 (Feb. 17) MATHEW MIXON and Egleton Lewis, Rotherford, London

1648 STEPHEN MIXON and Annie Lislie, St. Peters Paul Parish, Middlesex

1650 ELIZABETH MIXON and Jos. Marsay, Southwark George

1657 ROBERT MIXON and Mary Mariston, St. Stepuens, Ipswich, Suffnlk

1680 (Sept).WILLAM MAXON and Alice Greenway
See wills, 1605, Alice Maxon)

1684 (June 10) GEORGE MIXON,                                       Eatson Constantine

1546 RICHARD MIXSON, Lichfield,                                  Northampton, Staffordshire


1497 JOHN MEKYSONN                                                    cap de Ayleston

1532 SIR JOHN MAXON Parson of St.Andrcv, Aldertln, Suffolk

1543 SIR JOHN MAXSON (as above)

1538 RICHARD MOXON                                                    S.Toresby, Norfolk

1597 WILLIAM MICKERSON                                             Wyverton, Norfolk

1604 JOANE MICHELLSON (Widow of William Michellson, late of Rsdcliffee, Middlesex, mariner), Aldborough,Suffolk

1613 JOAN MICHELSON (Widow of Arthur Michelson of Great Yarmouth, merchant and before of Thomas Kepe,Norwich, rough mason)                St.George,Colgate,Norwich


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