Mixsonian Larry   

Refence Numbers 

Reference numbers assigned to individuals start with John Mixon the 1st being number one.  Numbers from 1 through 5077 were assigned by John Leslie Mixson in his three Mixon-Mixson Family books.  Numbers after 5077 were assigned by the Mixsonian.   Later have reference numbers begining with a letter, e.g. "I0001"

An asterisk "*" before the number of an individual indicates that individual has descendants and is a link to another page.  The orginal volumes by John Leslie Mixson used this for both male and female decendents.  I have since changed the use of the * for male descendants and "§" symbol for descendants of females that took their mother's married surname.

Underscored names are descendants.  Names not underscored are related though marriage.


abt.       about
b.          born
bur.       buried
d.          died
dec'd    deceased
div.       divorced
m.         married
dau.      daughter

ca.        about
unk       unknown