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Mixon-Mixson Genealogy

From Volume II

Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Biemer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul I. Biemer
San Antonio, Texas

Mr. Biemer is a career man with the U.S. Armed Services, saw service in the Korean War and is a Major (USAF), now a CWO(4).

His wife, Marguerite Richardson Biemer, made a great contribution to Volume I on her ancestor, John Mixon (1775) and his descendants. John was the youngest son of his father Jesse Mixon (702) and was unmarried when he moved with his parents to Mississippi Territory about 1811. During the past three years. Mrs. Biemer has made several trips to Mississippi checking marriage records, census records, land grant records and all other legal records available concerning her ancestor, John Mixon and his descendants. With her consent, the first section of this book (167 pages) compiled and written by her, is included herein. We are grateful to her for this contribution.

In some previous correspondence with her, she has mentioned a few times about some visits she had made to her aged grandmother (during the 1920's) who had some traditional stories to tell about Jesse Mixon's father, John Mixon being bound out to a Mr. Morgan at the time of his father's death, - John being a teenager at the time. She had told also about pirate ships plying the waters on the coast of North Carolina, during the early 1700's, not far from where John lived It was her recollection, too, that Jesse was a soldier in the French and Indian Wars. His father, John Mixon, also Salathiel Nixon, were listed as soldiers from the Cheraws District of S.C. during the Cherokee War, ca. 1759.

For those who wish to carry their Mixon lines contained in this section by genealogical number further back, may do so by consulting the index in this book which lists the names and genealogical number assigned to each.

Note: I have include the introduction above of the 167 pages that were compiled by Marguerite Richardson Biemer concerning her ancestor, John Mixon and his descendants above but instead of keeping separate pages of the material itself, I have merged this information into the sections of the appropriate individuals.                                                Larry Mixson